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Do you own a retail outlet and think you could benefit from additional security? At Sealgard Security, we have a team of highly trained and experiences retail guards available to offer protection for your building, customers and goods.


We give our clients useful and perceived security solutions as per their requirements


Our guard force will always give you a response on time in each city where we are working.

Benefits of hiring retail security guards

As well as being an effective theft deterrent, our retail guards can offer peace of mind to both staff and customers that, in the rare case of an emergency, the situation is in experienced and reliable hands.

We like to think we separate ourselves from other security firms with our friendly and approachable team. Rather than intimidating potential customers, our experienced retail guards become a natural extension to your retail team.

Whatever area of retail you work in, our retail guard service can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Where necessary we can provide bespoke training to ensure our team are fully equipped to handle any eventuality.


  • Our retail security guards detectives can be used to conduct surveillance on specific customers, employees or locations. They will document all activities that occur in order to help identify criminal activity or customer service issues.
  • The detectives can act like employees or customers and identify criminal activity.
  • Our security guards are fully trained on arrest procedures and work to recover losses that the retailer has sustained due to criminal activities, whilst remaining professional at all times.


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Sealgard Security ltd is confident that the most reliable and cost-effective security solution provider currently available is protecting you and your companies. Our low prices benefit people and businesses because we focus solely on offering personalized security services. We strive to provide complete security coverage and the greatest quality of customer service possible. We excel at providing private security solutions because of the strong bonds we've forged with the people we serve.


By offering the highest level of service and being available to our clients around the clock, we are able to develop a personal relationship that our competitors are unable to achieve. We have a highly skilled and specialized team that allows our company to offer you the high-quality service you need and keep your financial demands in mind. We provide you with the service and attention you would expect from a smaller security agency, but with the markets and pricing, you would expect from a fifty security consultancy service. We are not just professionals, but we are also experts in our field. We don't hire amateurs since we want to give you the best service possible.

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